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SWANPACK was founded in 2006. In keeping with its mission has steadily grown and globally succeeded in being recognized as a bottle filling line solutions specialist.

Swanpack Packaging Machines is involved in the manufacturing of quality filling and packaging machines mainly catering to the food, cosmetic, agro chemicals, other chemicals and pharma sectors. The company is managed by a team of highly professional and experienced technocrats. Swanpack believes in setting the standards to which the market aspires. Advanced technology offers consistently high production, shorter batch cycles, minimal operating costs, low space requirements and simple operation. Complete designing is computerized and all the components are of international standards which are rigorously tested.

Salient Features

  • All our machines can fill into bottles of Pet,Glass, Aluminium, Tin, HDPE and Pre-made Pouches
  • GMP Standards
  • No bottle - No fill Controlsin Auto lines
  • PLC controlled systems
  • Efficient on-site service with experienced engineers
  • 24x7 Technical Support

Our Mission

Our mission is being globally recognized as a top of mind brand specialized in safety of filling solutions.

SWANPACK was founded in 2006. In keeping with its mission has steadily grown and globally succeeded in being recognized as a bottle filling line solutions specialist.

Our Values

Our “customer first policy” will always try to build a long term relationship with our esteemed customers.

We strongly believe in retaining our customers by providing strong after sales supportline solutions specialist.

Our Strategy

It is based on reliable pillars, a real attitude for top quality products.

We cross-pollinate best practices from multiple indus tries to internally spread our design knowh ow, we believe this can persistently empower our open mind attitude to innovate.

Bottle Cleaning

Air, water & UV cleaning and sterilising systems for all kinds of rigid containers with customised solutions these systems include air ionisers, inverse bottle rinsers, nitrogen purging systems

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Swanpack offers different technologies & capacity of filling machines, to fill multi products in single machines with customised solutions filling ranges from 5ml to 5000ml

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Swanpack supplies capping machines used for the applications of plastic & metals caps and as well as customised capping solutions we also specialise in capping machines with different varieties of cap feeding systems

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Swanpack supplies highly precise and flexible labelling machines to meet the customers requirement for most simple and complex labelling applications

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End of line packaging systems

Swanpack supplies customised conveying systems and material handling equipment in any size, shape, length or applications for complete end of line packaging solutions.

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What We Do?

We design, produce and globally deliver


Offering solutions to the following segments


Pickles & Pastes

Sauces & Dressings

Beverages & Juices

Syrups & Flavors

Edible Oil

Spices Extracts & Essential Oils


Cosmetic Creams & Lotions

Soaps & Shampoos

Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Hazardous – Flammable Products



Agro Chemicals

Hygienic Chemicals

Automotive Chemicals

Oil/Lubricants – Petroleum

Specialty Chemicals & Reagents

Bleach Acids & Corrosives

Industrial Chemicals

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