Pickle and Paste Filling Machine

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Pickle and Paste Filling Machine

Fills all kinds of Pickles, Ginger - Garlic Pastes, Curry Pastes, ready to Eat Foods, Bio-Pesticides and Adhesives.


  • Volumetric Pneumatic - Piston Filling Technology
  • Fills all types of pickles with hard shell without disturbing the texture of the product.
  • Advanced cutting technology in the valve body ensures smooth handling of pastes with pieces
  • Special heat resistant cylinders and jacketed hopper for hot filling
  • Fills from 50 - 1000 gms and upto 5 kgs with maximum accuracy
  • Oil topping machine with ramming system
  • Special stirrer in the hopper
  • No change parts and very less maintenance
  • PLC controlled system
  • Diving nozzle mechanism avoids foaming and spillage
  • Anti - Drip system helps in keeping the filling area clean

Pickle Filling Machine

Air Gap Removal System, Leveling and Oil Topping Machine

Lug / Screw Capping

Available as a standalone machine and also as a complete auto line with 1, 2, 4 and 6 filling Nozzles.